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Lux Obscura - The Incredible Adventures of Molly Web, Book One

Molly Webb is a fourteen-year-old girl living in a fast moving modern world with her mum, dad and annoying, smelly twelve-year-old brother Max.  Preparing for adult life is hard enough without discovering a family secret.  Like most teenagers she wants to be different but not that different!  Navigating the changes adolescence brings as a young woman can be messy, frustrating and sometimes daunting but speaking to a family member who has been dead for over a hundred years trumps them all and is a whole new world of weird.  A school project triggers a series of events and Molly finds herself an accidental traveller with more time on her hands than most.  Lux Obscura follows Molly as she unpacks the family secret they didn’t even know they had…which technically makes it not even a secret…yet.

Category: Adventure/Thriller

Tag Line: Dark patterns flare luminescent in the spaces between life.

Age Group: 12+

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Cry Litte Sister - Book One of the Divided Self Trilogy

D.I Rachel Scholes has been in the force for nearly twenty years and she is tired, not because of the job but because of the running.  She knows her head is crowded but has so far managed to make madness comprehensible.  She is a proxy self-harmer struggling to come to terms with a dark secret from her past.  As the current case she is working on pushes her closer to face the dark truth, cracks begin to appear.  Because of the pressure of the case, and wanting to keep her marriage alive, a third identity surfaces which she struggles to keep under control.  It wants more than her husband and could jeopardise everything.  Brutal reality, hidden desires and survival of the self, Cry Little Sister is a gripping crime novel with a difference.


Also available as an audiobook.


Category: Crime Thriller 


Tag Line: The past is unforgiving.


Age Group: 18+

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Single Minded.jpg
Single Minded - Book Two of the
Divided Self Trilogy

D.I Rachel Scholes’s fragile mind is fragmenting with unforeseen consequences, her team in danger from the fallout.  Old habits die hard.  Not only does she have to deal with the persona driven by desire, her dead younger sister begins visiting.  Taken back to her past, Scholes reacts badly and inadvertently becomes involved with an organisation deeply rooted in antiquity.  A meeting with the head of the organisation is the unexpected catalyst for the first step towards reconciliation with her ghosts, and herself.  Uncomfortable truths, lost love, and the real cost of loyalty.  Single Minded explores the journey of a broken mind as the investigation of a crime, becomes a thriller with global reach. 

Category: Crime Thriller


Tag Line: When loyalty costs too much.


Age: 18+

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Unfinished Business - Book Three of the
Divided Self Trilogy

D.I Rachel Scholes has taken too many chances, making choices she can’t outrun.  With the long shadow of life falling at her feet, the fine lines between, justice, morality and truth are blurred, as the lives of those involved are woven together in a sometimes-surreal landscape of events, people and places.  As the Brotherhood continues with their plans, and Rachel’s fractured identities threaten to betray her, Rachel’s life spirals into darkness, threatening to consume her and those around her.  The dark mirror of self, a shifting moral compass and the pain of reconciliation.  Unfinished Business explores the inevitable burden of choice.  We are the choices we make.

Category: Crime Thriller


Tag Line: The long shadow.


Age: 18+

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A ragtag posse of chancers, scoundrels, runaways and badasses, the crew of the Electra smuggle freight across the galaxy, living on their wits, one step ahead of the law.


But when a mysterious queenpin makes them an offer they can't refuse - literally! - they're faced with a choice.  This isn't an ordinary shipment.


Deliver the goods and look the other way, or take matters into their own hands?  Either way, one thing is certain: things are going to get messy.


Equal parts irreverent and affecting, NV-66 is a rip-roaring sci-fi adventure with genuine heart, exploring the choices that make us, the ties that bind, and the universe of the absurd.


Category: Sci-fi Adventure


Tag Line: Betrayal is always a choice.


Age Group: 18+

NV66 front.png
Artefact Imperative.png.jpg
Artefact Imperative

Kate is a young and ambitious reporter who finds herself out of a job after asking the wrong question at a Global Federation press conference.  She lives alone with her cat Nix, until Marcus steps into her life totally by chance as a knight in shining armour.  Unemployed and struggling to pay the rent, a friend from X-Terra News gives Kate a lead for a fluff story which unknown to her brings her to the attention of the Deep State.  Totally unaware she inadvertently uncovers their activities and people start to die.  The story turns out to be bigger than anybody could have imagined.  Intrigue, betrayal and survival.  Artefact Imperative is the exploration of the human consciousness and the most basic primal instinct, evolve or die.


Category: Sci-fi Thriller


Tag Line: Falling into brightness.


Age Group: 18+

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F is for Society

Category: Poetry


Tag Line: Performance verse and poetry for your outrage...whatever :/

Age Group: 18+

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Wilful Remembrance.png
Wilful Remembrance

Trinity is a PhD student who has a promising career in her chosen field.  Three strangers make the same choice that could change everything for them and the people they love.  One person’s life changes more than most.  Romance, intimacy and suspense, Wilful Remembrance will make you think twice before saying yes. 

Category: Romantic Thriller 

Tag Line: When love becomes something else.

Age Group: 18+

Lets Eat Scene.jpg
The Magician's Hat 

Written especially for a shared reading experience.  Making memories - priceless.


Sixteen pages, (thirty-two sides), of colourful adventure.

Ben is an ordinary six-year-old having his birthday party.  A question pops into his head.  It turns out to be a rather extraordinary day.  New friends can become best friends.  Go with Ben on his adventure to the Strawberry Lace Plains and meet the cuddly creatures he makes friends with.  Be careful though, not all the creatures are cuddly.


Category: Children's Adventure


Tag Line: New friends can become best friends.


Age Group: 4+ (Shared reading experience)

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Elanor is a young woman on the precipice of addiction.  Angry at the loss of her mother when she was a child, Elanor finds herself on the streets.  She is vulnerable more than she knows.  Many people are looking for her, for many different reasons, some nefarious.  Who will find her first? Will she survive?  Conspiracy, friendship and reconciliation.  Decorum is a journey into truth.  Sometimes the most terrifying thing to accept is yourself.


Category: Thriller


Tag Line: Truth, the contradiction of reconciliation.


Age Group: 18+

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Pirates of the Prime Meridian  

Short Story

After the Doctor Who franchise read my novel NV-66, they asked me to write a short story.  This is it.


When Spencer is on holiday with his dad in Peacehaven, he is surprised to see that the town is bursting with pirates.  Most are typical tourist-friendly types, but several seem slightly more sinister.  He tries to tell his dad but is not believed.  It is only when he meets Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart that he discovers that Peacehaven and the pirates have been connected throughout time.

Category: Sci-fi Adventure

Tag Line:  A scallywag will find themselves dancing the hempen jig soon enough.

Age Group: 8+



iRidescent (1).jpg

Charlotte is a young street courier in a big city. She is the sole breadwinner, living with her mother after the loss of her father some years before. Charlotte finds herself pursued after picking up a package. She does the best she can with fast feet and street-smarts. As bad things begin to happen and people start to die, she finds an unlikely friend in a noodle street vendor. A world of unseen factions unfolds as she discovers there is more to her father’s death than she knows. Discovery, intrigue, and control. Iridescent is a journey some call life, others call surviving. But one thing is for sure, everyone has a part to play. We are loved. We are watched.

Category: Sci-fi Thriller

Tag Line:  We are loved, we are watched.

Age Group: 18+

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Having survived their adventure in NV-66, Byron, Trace, Stokes, and Eli unexpectedly stumble into another in Imperium8.
Doing what they do best, basically being themselves, the crew only want some downtime, but the universe has other plans.
After a good night out, they find themselves in a small dustbowl town.  Their keen sense of justice lands them in the center of trouble once more.  As events out of their control unfold, an insidious cabal becomes apparent.
Join the crew of the Electra for a second time as they roll the dice of life and see where they end up.  Boxcars or snake eyes, win or lose, it takes a certain kind of person to shake those dice and let go.

Category: Sci-fi Thriller

Tag Line: 

Age Group: 18+

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